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Restaurant, pizzeria, disco pub in Alghero

Alghero | SS | Sardinia

€ 5.000.000

Rif. C-4-4

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  • Rooms 5
  • Size 1500
  • Bathrooms 8
  • Land no
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  • Garden no
  • Tot. n. of rooms 5
  • Pool no





Place: enjoys an excellent location in the city center of Alghero and just steps from the beach.


Size: 1,500 sqm (on 2 levels).


Current destination: Music Club with bar, restaurant, pizzeria, bowling and video games.
Ground Floor
  • Restaurant (lounge of about 600 square meters);
  • Bar (located next to the entrance door);
  • Professional kitchen / pizzeria;
  • Stage for shows (in the middle of the restaurant) where they performed in the years bands of various genres and artists of cabaret.
  • Video games and video poker lounge (adjacent to the restaurant) about 120sqm with independent entrance and toilets.

First Floor

  • Area bowling with six tracks in a room of 500 square meters accessible via internal stairs or elevator.


Parking: courtyard of 250 square meters not owned, but maintain the structure with the function of the parking area.



Sea: Mediterranean Sea (50 m).


Airport: International Airport of Alghero (10 km).


Info Area




Alghero is an Italian city of 40,641 inhabitants in the province of Sassari in Sardinia. It is also known as Barceloneta, small Barcelona: in fact, the city has retained the use of the Catalan language, which is a linguistic island and 22.4% of the inhabitants speak it in the variant of Alghero, recognized by the Italian Republic and the Region of Sardinia as a minority language. This dialect is receiving protection through programs of teaching and official use within the municipal area.


The city, one of the main Sardinian and fifth in the region by population, is one of the gateways to the Island, thanks to the airport that is close to Fertilia. It is the capital of the Riviera del Corallo, name derives from the fact that the waters of its harbor is the largest amount of the precious red coral of the finest qualitystill caught by coral scuba divers, activities that with the business of processing and selling, has for centuries been of great economic and cultural importanceso much so that a branch of coral is inserted into the arms of the city.


It is also the third campus after Sassari and Cagliari in Sardinia. There are the Faculty of Architecture and some courses of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Sassari.


Geographical position


Country: Italy


Region: Sardinia


Province: Sassari


City: Alghero


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