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Manufacture, transformation and regeneration of plastic materials, paper and similar "Made in Italy"

€ 1.700.000

Rif. T-5

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  • Manufacture, transformation and regeneration of plastic materials, paper and similar;
  • Fabrication of precast for walling and insulation in glass, cement and plastic;
  • Design and construction of equipment and installations for the processing of plastic materials and similar.

Reference market: -

Product lines: -

Price: . 1,700,000


Region: Tuscany

Province: Lucca


Legal formJoint Stock Company 

Share: 100%

Number of Shareholders: -

Foundation year: 1980

Personnel: from 50 to 249 employees.

Revenue class: 25-50 (Ml. )

Breakdown of sales products for countries:

  • Western Europe;
  • Central and Eastern Europe;
  • South America;
  • Africa.

Store: -

Intangible assets: patents, research studies, company, title, processes, know-how, archives, models, approvals and testing in a single copy, as well as trademarks, licenses, permits, etc.

Production Machinery (owned): 

  • Recovery trimmings brand EXACT;
  • Plant in double bubble (bio 1) for biaxially oriented coextruded shrink film 2300 brand TECNO COATING, type TCE, production capacity Kg. 210/h. Year of manufacture 1996.
  • Plant in double bubble (bio 2) for biaxially oriented coextruded shrink film 2400 brand TECNO COATING, type TCE, production capacity Kg. 210/h. Year of manufacture 2001.
  • (7 pcs) Silos mixers;
  • (2 pcs) Dispensers MAGUIRE;
  • Cutter brand TECNICOL TG1 with cold microperforator SBF TECHICOL. Year of manufacture 2005.
  • (2 pcs) Press for bags;
  • Various compressors with desiccator;
  • Cutter TG4 with microperforatorYear of manufacture 1992;
  • Monofolding EASYTECH M4 MRB-3-400. Year of manufacture 2001;
  • Monofolding M3 PC CONVERTING. Year of manufacture 1999;
  • Cutter LAEM TG2 più trattatore corona;
  • Monofolding SAGE M2 MPA/NS. Year of manufacture 2006;
  • Monofolding SAGE M1 MPB MOD. 180. Year of manufacture 2006;
  • Cutter SAGE TG3 MOD. 250. Year of manufacture 2003;
  • (4 pcs) Scales Aeuromec, Vimi, Suprema, Fuigor;
  • (6 pcs) Pallet truck STILL with charger;
  • Shelving parent reels supplied with aluminum sheets;
  • Pressure washer;
  • Dinamometro, strumento a olio per termoretrazione, forno retrazione film;
  • Molini per recuperi rifili;
  • Aspiration Aernova 4 pcs smoke filters;
  • (3 pcs) Wrappers;
  • (3 pcs)Pesa for pallets;
  • (3 pcs) Refrigerators;
  • Cold microperforator type MF3;
  • Coextrusion plant CAST 4, 3-layer film PF production, brand COLINES.
  • workshop equipment;
  • (3 pcs) Trolleys for coils Athena. Year of manufacture 1995.

Production Machinery (Leasing):

  • Plant with bubble extrusion for PVC brand AL.MA TECNICA with extrusion group, automatic winder type Rollo, thickness measuring X-rayproduction capacity kg 250/h, with recovery trimmingsYear of manufacture 2005.
  • Hot microperforator type MF CHS 2 with wrapper brand FBF;
  • Hot microperforator type MF CHS 2 with wrapper brand FBF;
  • Winder SAGE AMPS 60 single fold M5;
  • Cutter with hot microperforator TB6/SB, mod. 160, tg/mc 10, brand SAGE;
  • Cutter with hot microperforator TB4/SB, mod. 160, tg/mc 11, brand SAGE;
  • Regeneration system CDM 105, complete extruder motor cc 117 kw, hydraulic screen changerpower / dosage system and electrical equipments, command control temperaturesYear of manufacture 2011;
  • Flexographic machine brand UTECO with central drum for printing on plastic films and paper, mod. UTL-1300.

Return on investment: -


Real estate and buildings: portion of the shed, two electrical substations.

Location: province of Lucca, Tuscany

Area of ​​buildings: 4,486 sqm.

Land: adjacent square.

Type of tenurerent

Rental Payment: €. 60,000 a year

Deposit: 15,000 Euro
Duration of contract: 6 years (01/10/2014 - 30/09/2020) renewable


More information: -


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