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Milling Industry "Made in Italy"

€ 2.800.000

Rif. T-1

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Description: Industrial complex, inherent in the exercise of the milling industry. Wheat milling products and by-products.

Price: . 2,800,000


Region: Tuscany

Province: Lucca


Legal form: Limited Liability Company (Ltd.)

Share: 100%

Number of Shareholders:

Foundation year: 1945

Personnel: from 20 to 49

Class of turnover: 13-25 (Ml. )

Profits: -

Expense: -

Funding: -

Store: raw material consists of approximately 100 pallets of paper bags for packing flour and bran (various custom sizes)

Intangible assets: brand owned

Movable assets: 

  • Milling system
  1. Acceptance, unloading and precleaning;
  2. Mixing grain, cleaning and conditioning;
  3. Grinding;
  4. Warehouse flour;
  5. Warehouse bran;
  6. Flour bagging and palletizing;
  7. Manual bagging of flour and bran (disused);
  8. Load bulk flour and bran.
  • Compressed air system;
  • Electrical equipment;
  • Mobile distributor of diesel;
  • Chemical laboratory;
  • Mechanical workshop;
  • Furniture and office equipment;
  • Means of lifting and transport.

Return on investment: -


Real estate and buildings:

  • Building complex used for milling, consisting of several buildings built in different periods and divided into productive zones, warehouses, sheds, workshops and administrative offices, complete with exclusive courtyard use parking and maneuvering space, as well as adjacent land;
  • 2 contiguous lands.

Location: province of Lucca, Tuscany

Area of ​​buildings11,308 sqm.

  • Main building for milling activities (3,018 sqm + 378 sqm of silos);
  • Building for offices (recently renovated) (498 sqm);
  • Building with 12 metal silos (700 sqm);
  • Building for processing, weighing, bagging and loading of the finished product in bulk on tankers (520 sqm);
  • Building with 15 metal silos for the storage of the raw material (134 sqm);
  • Building with 1 metal silos for the storage of products for zootechnical use (40 sqm);
  • Old building used Farinière built in the early 1900s, internally divided into cells, initially used for the storage of the finished product silos masonry (935 sqm);
  • Old building completely renovated for office use (420 sqm);
  • Old building for warehouse (1,664 sqm);
  • Electrical substation (17 sqm);
  • Warehouse (1,225 sqm);
  • Metal roof used to palletizing, storage and loading of the finished product (617 sqm);
  • Metal roof (450 sqm);
  • Metal roof (80 sqm);
  • Canopy for the discharge of the raw material in a special pit of receipt (612 sqm);

Area of land9,210 sqm.

  • Parking, loading / unloading goods and maneuvering space with dual Driveway (5,600 sqm);
  • Vineyard (990 sqm);
  • Cane thicket (280 sqm);
  • Irrigated arable land planted with trees (2,340 sqm).

Type of tenureownership

Rental Payment: -

Expiry of rental contract: -


More information: -


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