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Production of plastic film for packaging "Made in Italy"

€ 6.100.000

Rif. T-28

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Description: Company specialized in the processing and production of plastic films for industrial packaging and food packaging. The company consists of

  • intangible assets (denomination of conpany, production processes, know-how, archives, models, approvals and inspections, as well as trademarks, licenses and permits);
  • movable property (all instrumental goods constituting the company);
  • warehouse (all of the goods stored at the warehouses);
  • immovable property (full ownership of an industrial factory for the production and commercial activity of plastics, consisting of several buildings side by side, made at different times).

Reference market: Attualmente il 65% della produzione è destinato all’esportazione verso paesi europei e extraeuropei.


  • Plastics division;
  • Paper division (coated paper white or printed with transparent window, metallic coated paper with transparent window, metallized paper of silver color, calendered paper antigrease, bright white paper in pure cellulose resistant to moisture and antigrease, moisture-proof paper with antigrease treatment, moisture-proof paper treated against-breaking, vegetable green paper, bright white paper of pure cellulose, havana glossy paper 40 g, white paper of pure cellulose long fiber of 20 to 57 g, white paper 50% of pure cellulose 50% recycled waste paper first choice from 35 to 50 g/sqm, 100% white paper recycled waste paper first choice from 35 to 60 g/sqmpure cellulose paper hot coupled with polythene of 20 to 60 g/sqm, generic prints, personalized prints);
  • Plastic bags (bags for fruit and vegetables from 40 to 50 g/sqm, bags for bakery from 40 to 45 g/sqm, bags New Metal, paper bags with aluminum, bags for flatbread greaseproof paper resistant anointed, parchment paper bags, paper bags resistant anointed, heat-sealed paper bags, special bags with windows).

Price: €. 6,100,000


Region: Tuscany

Province: Lucca


Legal formJoint Stock Company 

Share: 100%

Foundation year: 1984

Personnel: 50

Turnover: up to € 10,000,000 per year

Warehouseestimated value of € 690,650

  • Raw materials;
  • Finished products;
  • Edgings;
  • Accessories and auxiliary materials.

Intangible assets: estimated value of € 1,470,000

  • Patents;
  • Scientific research;
  • Software;
  • Certifications.

Systems and equipmentestimated value of €. 1.903.700

  • Silos deposits feedstock and mixers of various capacities;
  • Circular saw for wood;
  • Laboratory equipments (dynamometer "Acquati", oven "Heraeus", balance "Oertling na 16", ceast metal flow rate, welder "Brugger Minchen", slip propetries, dard drop tes, elemendorf, hazergard system, glossgard ll, compressor "Anime", dynamometer "Instron", microscope "Zeiss", dsc 7 "Perkin Elmer", spectrometer "Perkin Elmer", micrometer;
  • Press "Ormic" for bags and trimmings;
  • External weighs 50,000 kg brand "Bilanciai";
  • Pipe cutter;
  • Wrapper "Fromm" FS230;
  • Silos mixers "FDM" and "Spiroflux";
  • Trims cutter "Axact", year of production 1993;
  • Manipulator coils "Dalmec" capacity 250 kg;
  • Cutter "Euromac TB-6", year of production 1998;
  • Blown coextrusion system "Reifehauser" consists of supply grain, extruders, thickness control, recovery trimmings, winding unit 300 kg / hyear of production 2001;
  • Bagatello;
  • 2 Silos mixers;
  • 1 ton bridge cranes "Ascom";
  • Coextrusion plant "Reifehauser" three layers for polypropylene film 3000 with dispensers, aspiration supply grains, extrudersrecovery trimmings brand "Exact", aspiration blade, thickness control, control panel, plant supervisor, switchboards, bench winding;
  • Pipe cutter;
  • Wrapper for packing palletizing "Fromm" type "Cyclop";
  • Floor scale load 150 kg;
  • Press for sacks of grain "Mac Press", year of production 1985;
  • 9 Silos mixers;
  • Banco for automatic extensibleyear of production 2011;
  • Boxing machine and robot palletizing "Micromax" 2007;
  • CAST 7 Coextrusion line cast 3 layers mm 1,000, manufacture "Monferpack", composed of group of extruders, screen changers, blade fan, cooling assembly, aspiration group, cabinets, console command line, system supervisor, Tour winding, hoist with capacity 125 kgyear of production 2007;
  • CAST 2 Cast system coex 3 layers brand "Colinex", consists of supply grain, extruders, cooling cylinder, thickness control, recovery trimmings, Tour windingyear of production 1998;
  • Wrappers "Fromm" FS 130;
  • Floor scale 1,500 kg "Dini Argeo";
  • Hoist to flag;
  • 3 Silos mixers various capacities;
  • Lifter reels "Demag", capacity 250 kg;
  • Benches for automatic extensible 1500, year of production 2011;
  • CAST 6 System Cast coex 3 layers consists of supply granule, extruders, cylinder cooling, thickness control, recovery trimmingsyear of production 2000;
  • Laboratory extruder "Monferpack";
  • Floor scale;
  • Palletwrapper "Polycom";
  • 2 Presses for bags;
  • 3 Mixers;
  • Manipulator coils "Dalmec" capacity 55 kg;
  • Dispenser mixer "Mac Guary" for 3 silos;
  • Boxing machine;
  • System small bubble extrusion with extruderyear of production 1990;
  • CAST 5 System cast coex 3 layers 2100 brand "Nextron" model BVA 2000, year of production 1999, consists of supply grain, extruders, cooling cylinder, thickness control, recovery trimmings, plant supervisor;
  • 3 Rotary air compressors;
  • Corona treatment for film extrusion calendered on calender "Amam";
  • Cutter "Bielloni Sage" type rp b/405 model 150;
  • 3 Condensate separators;
  • 7 Refrigerators;
  • Evaporation towers for cooling brand "MITA";
  • Automatic machine cartoning machine and palletizing robot "Micromax", year of production 2008;
  • Automatic machine cartoning machine and palletizing robot "Micromax", year of production 2007;
  • 3 Mixers.

Equipment and machines in the workshopestimated value of € 8,000

  • Lathe sag 48;
  • Volcanic grinder 15 v e;
  • Grindstone "Femi" hp 0,5;
  • Grindstone "Nebes" hp 1;
  • Grindstone hp 1.5;
  • Column drill "Audax" art. 305°;
  • Milling cutter OM HELIUS;
  • Lathe ORM;
  • Sharpening "Favretto";
  • Welding wire;
  • Grinder "Albani Alpa" 800;
  • 2 Banchi in iron of work;
  • 5 Cabinets tool holders;
  • 4 Shelving in iron toolholders;
  • Electrodes welding;
  • Mt 16 Shelving for accessories;
  • 5 Lockers in iron.

Equipmentsestimated value of € 107,400

  • Spare parts (engines, electrical parts, mechanical, etc.);
  • Electrical substation C1 composed of a medium-voltage disconnector;
  • Electrical substation C2 consists of 3 transformers, 4 square distribution systems, fire pump;
  • Electrical substation C3 consists of 2 selectors of medium voltage, 2 transformers, 2 square distribution systems, 3 electrical panels for rephasing;
  • 8 Electricity power lines on the catwalks with undercuts manufacturing machinery;
  • 8 Electrical panels for rephasing;
  • Cart for coils;
  • Air dryer "Gobbi";
  • Bench scale;
  • Thermowelder "Ladipack".

Furniture and furnishingsestimated value of € 20,000

  • Office management;
  • Office of administration;
  • Bathroom of administration;
  • 3 Commercial offices;
  • Meeting Room;
  • Room coffee;
  • Office;
  • Medical office;
  • Entrance / hallway;
  • Executive office;
  • Shipping office;
  • Laboratory;
  • Lunchroom;
  • Office lunchroom.

Motor vehiclesestimated value of € 7,200

  • Electric pallet trucks;
  • Truck Daily Iveco, year of production 1996;
  • Electric pallet truck Still R20-18;
  • Lorry Fiat Iveco tre assi, year of production 1988;
  • Car Audi, year of production 2002.

Machinery and equipment leasingestimated value of € 855,000

  • Corona bilateral treatment for extruder Cast brand ME.RO year of production 2011;
  • Winder 2000 for stretch film manual STP year of production 2010;
  • System CAST 9 for polyethylene, 3 layers, model 2000.

Return on investment: -


Real estate and buildings: Industrial factory for production and trade of plastic materials, consisting of several buildings side by side, made at different times.

Location: province of Lucca, Tuscany

Area of ​​buildingsindustrial part of 6,420 sq.m. + 4 sheds to use warehouse of 1,000 sq.m.

  • Shed to use laboratory (height 8.00 m);
  • spare parts warehouses and stockpiles warehouses (height 3.80 m);
  • Shed for production (minimum height 5.40 ml maximum 7.80 ml), connected to the mobile tunnel with metal frame and PVC sheet, for loading and unloading goods;
  • Shed for warehouse and production (height 6.60 m);
  • Technical premises;
  • Compartment management weighs;
  • Locker rooms;
  • Toilets;
  • Administrative area (first floor of 610 square meters) consists of reception, meeting room, 4 offices, hallway, accountings room, 2 bathrooms with dressing room, interview room, medical room, storage rooms, toilets and boiler room;
  • Canteen;
  • Laboratory analysis of samples;
  • Warehouses (minimum height of 4.90 m maximum 5.90 m).

Area of landexclusive land of 22,483 square meters including the area occupied by buildings

  • forecourt in bituminous asphalt destined to roads, maneuvering and parking;
  • coppice of 2,768 sq.m.;
  • tall forest of 1,992 sq.m.;
  • urban land of 103 sq.m.

Type of tenureownership


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