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Thermal Hotel 4**** in Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto Terme | PD | Veneto

€ 4.000.000

Rif. C-75

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  • Rooms 116
  • Size 2660
  • Bathrooms 120
  • Land 1.2 ha
  • Pax 232
  • Garden 12240 mq
  • Tot. n. of rooms 120
  • Pool si






Place: Thermal Hotel built in the 60s, located inthe largest thermal center in Europe, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, near a monumental thermal complex dating back to Imperial Rome.


Altitude: 11 mt. above sea level.


Surface: The covered area is 2,660 sqm, outdoor area 9,580 sqm, and the total volume amounted to 27,000 cubic meters.

  • Basement floor183.50 sqm (height 2.40 mt) = 440.40 cbm;
  • Ground floor: 2,404.44 sqm (height 4.20 mt) = 10,098.65 cbm;
  • Mezzanine floor1,394.93 sqm (height 2.67 mt) = 3,724.46 cbm;
  • First floor: 814.50 sqm (height 2.95 mt) = 2,402.77 cbm;
  • Second floor814,50 sqm (height 2.95 mt)2,402.77 cbm;
  • Third floor814,50 sqm (height 2.95 mt)2,402.77 cbm;
  • Fourth floor814,50 sqm (height 2.95 mt)2,402.77 cbm;
  • Fifth floor: 614.50 sqm (height 2.95 mt)2,402.77 cbm;
  • Sixth floor: 90.90 sqm (height 3.00 mt) = 272.70 cbm.

Period of construction: The hotel and the treatment center were built in the 1960s, the swimming pools were added in the 1980s.


Hotel complex: It consists of a main building with several floors, a spa treatment center on 2 levels connected with the main building, accessories and appliances.


Main building: The main building consists of 7 floors above ground and one mezzanine floor.

  • Ground floor: entry hall, reception, administrative offices (bureau of the goalkeeper, voice, direction), bathrooms, stairs and elevators, dining room, kitchen department;
  • Mezzanine floor: guest rooms;
  • First  floor: guest rooms;
  • Second floor: guest rooms;
  • Third floor: guest rooms;
  • Fourth floor: guest rooms;
  • Fifth floor: guest rooms;
  • Sixth floor: guest rooms;
  • Seventh floor: guest rooms.


Guest rooms: Currently the hotel has 116 guest rooms located on various floors: of these, 52 are single rooms, 54 doubles and 10 suites. All rooms, originally accompanied by furniture now absent, have a bathroom, equipped with all the facilities (power supply, telephone, TV and heating-cooling with fan).


Spa treatment center: The department thermal cure has all the facilities needed to carry out thermal treatments: surgeries for medical visits, rooms for beauty treatments and massages, tubs for the application of sludge, as well as facilities on service. In detail: the maceration tubs for mud, systems for the collection and distribution of thermal water (wells), etc.

  • Ground floor: office, laundry, utility rooms, thermal center;
  • First floor: thermal center, indoor and outdoor pools.


Swimming pools: indoor and outdoor pools.


Accessories & Outbuildings:

  • Rectangular outbuilding on 2 floors above ground used to house staff accommodation service (100.10 sq m = 555.55 cbm);
  • Electrical cabin (14,95 sqm = 44,85 cbm);
  • Swimming pool area with dressing rooms and related services: bar, cabins, toilets, showers (43,74 sqm = 133,40 cbm);
  • Maturation tanks of mud and roofs of its service.


Land: The whole building complex is spread over an area of 12,240 square meters, compact and position plain. The whole lot is fenced with stone wall and metal fence above it on front street and perimeter fence at the border on the remaining sides. There are 2 entrances: driveway and pedestrian. Also, there are:

  • indoor pool with related services (bar, changing rooms, cabins, toilets, and showers);
  • outdoor pool;
  • mud baths;
  • asphalt parking lot with 60 parking spaces, covered and uncovered.
  • garden;
  • wooded park, with plantings of various species of trees of considerable size (cedars, magnolias, pines, etc.), as well as a significant amount of shrub species that double as ornamental hedges.


Conditions: completely to restructure.


Expansions: The building potential, with the application of only Stereometric index stood at 30,600 cubic meters compared to the existing volume. According to forecasts of the General Plan the thermal establishment falls within "Zone of completion" with:

  • land index: 2.5 mc / sqm;
  • intended use permitted: thermal hotel business, tourist hotel, swimming pools, rooms for physiotherapy, etc.;
  • H max: m 31,00
  • Distance from roads: m 10,00
  • Distance from the borders of the land: m 5,00
  • Distance from thermal wells: m 12,00



Category: 4 stars.
Rooms: 116.
Beds: 232.


  • reception;
  • bar;
  • restaurant;
  • 2 thermal swimming pools (indoor and outdoor);
  • thermal medical center;
  • park;
  • parking.

Opening period: annual.



Lake: Lago di Garda (115 km).


Sea: Adriatic Sea (50 km).


Thermae: in the hotel.


Airport: International Airport "Marco Polo" Venice (61 km).


Major cities:  Venice (54 km); Bologna (108 km); Florence (213 km); Milan (252 km); Genoa (373 km); Turin (383 km); Rome (485 km); Naples (682 km).


Info Area


Montegrotto Terme


The city of Montegrotto Terme, along with the nearby Abano Terme, constitutes the Euganean thermal zone, or more precisely, the largest thermal center in Europe.


In spite of its prestige, Montegrotto is truly a place for all men and women. The city’s center is lively yet tiny, with a promenade surrounded by numerous shops as well as restaurants where visitors can taste food and wine. The beauty of Montegrotto is further enhanced by the landscape of the Euganean Hills’ Regional Park, which offers numerous opportunities to discover an abundant nature, medieval villages and villas throughout the Veneto region.


The hot water which flows from Montegrotto’s subsoil has been a vital component of treatments and cures since the ancient Roman times. The name of the city itself, which originates from “Mons Aegrotorum” – literally “mountain of sick people” – further testifies to the essential role of the hot water in promoting well-being. The ancient populations that inhabited these areas already well understood the therapeutic properties of hot water and attributed its cause to the gods. In fact, the miniature sculptures representing parts of the human body, called “ex voto” and discovered during excavations, were none other than special offers to the gods from sick people who were healed by the waters, and which were then thrown into the lakes as a sign of recognition.


Each hotel is endowed with its own thermal center equipped with a mud bath therapy department and a health director. This means that the guest can access the thermal center directly from his or her own room, already wearing a bathrobe, without ever having to leave the hotel. The center can be easily reached using the designated elevator.


Thermal bath therapy is particularly indicated for stimulation of blood circulation, especially in association with hydro-massage treatments.


Inhalation therapies have powerful reparative and normalizing capacities against problems arising in the respiratory apparatus, thanks to thermal bromidic iodic salt water. In addition to restoring normal respiratory functions, the water protects the mucous membrane from possible relapses with its mucolitic and fluidifying action. Particularly indicated for sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, and rhinogenous deafness.


Geographical position


Country: Italy


Region: Veneto


Province: Padua


City: Montegrotto Terme


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