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Medieval Castle

Deruta | PG | Umbria

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Rif. R-4-8

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  • Rooms 21
  • Size 2500
  • Bathrooms 18
  • Land 0.85 ha
  • Pax 33
  • Garden 8500 mq
  • Tot. n. of rooms 100
  • Pool si





Place: The castle is situated on the edge of a small town, on a hill overlooking the valley of the River Tiber, offering a vast and impressive view of the Umbrian countryside.


Altitude: 450 mt. above sea level.


Covered area: 2,500 sqm. approx.


Period of construction: The castle is mainly composed of three core original architectural features, representing three historical periods:

  • The Medieval Period (dating back to the twelfth century), detectable in the stone walls of great thickness .
  • The Renaissance Period (dating back to the XV-XVI century), which constitutes the main body of the castle.
  • The Neo-Gothic Period (dating back to the nineteenth century). The only portion of the Castle to present walls plastered in old rose.


Condition: fully restored.


Entertainment lounge & Historical salons:

  • Soldier's Lounge used by the early eighteenth century until a few years ago as oil mill.
  • Old Refectory of the Captains, where, in ancient times, the commanders of the military garrison stationed at the Castle, consumed meals.
  • Neo-Gothic Lounge, characterized by the beautiful ceiling painting in full at the end of the nineteenth century with geometric patterns and bands that reproduce olive branches and ears of wheat.
  • Lounge Guard originally destined to the guard of the castle that alternated in controlling the inputs to the manor It has an antique four-century vaulted ceiling "dome" brick "exposed".
  • Armoury once housed the weapons and firearms of military stationed at the Castle. It has an antique four-century vaulted ceiling "dome" brick "exposed".
  • Small room of passage lit by a wrought iron chandelier with lions, the junction point between the Armoury, the Soldier's lounge and the Grand Gallery
  • Ancient Gallery is fascinating and mysterious environment of the vaulted ceiling "barrel" with bricks "exposed". It has walls made of stone blocks with ancient inscriptions in the sandstone, the coat of arms of the castle nestled in the heart of the wall, the marble busts of the ancient lords of the castle.
  • Gallery and Hall of Collections, has a vaulted ceiling "barrel" brick "exposed" and stone walls.
  • Vestibule entrance to the park, place to guard the entrance to the park, at a point where the size of the "barbican" joined to the wall of stone and brick, and reaches more than 2.5 meters thickOn the left as the enter, there's the brick sentry box that hides the ancient stairs of access to underground burrows Medieval. The descent towards these bold dark places up to 8 feet deep in the bowels of basalt on which rest the massive foundations of the castle is an exciting journey over the arcane barriers of Time.
  • Lounge of the the Knights, located almost at the top of the neo-Gothic tower called "Belvedere", is a large, friendly environment with rectangular painted coffered ceiling and important pictorial wall decorations. In this environment, are collected and shown on all four sides the countless coats of arms of the various families who have lived over time and are related to the families owning the Castle.
  • Golden Hall with its wall decorations in shades of gold and green with shades of yellow, invites you to rest and meditation.
  • Ancient Library contains some of the finest pictorial wall and ceiling decorations of the entire castle. Scenes of medieval knights and ladies as they become the protagonists of an antique carousel and a medieval jousting tournament are embellished with a magnificent wooden coffered ceiling with paintings of the sixteenth century with the symbols of the Castle. From the "secret" door made ​​in the fake wood paneling painted,will access the Tower.
  • Renaissance hall with the ancient fireplace in stone "twisted columns" of the sixteenth century. The hall gives access to the fifteenth-century stone balcony overlooking solitairethe park, also called the Balcony of Dame because at one time the ladies of the castle they used to look out from the top to watch the festivities in the park.



  • 7 bedroom suites, each with sitting area, large bathrooms, or "salle de bain" equipped with the latest technologies such as whirlpool baths and showers with aroma-therapy, chromo-therapy, ozone therapy and turkish bath.
  • Appartamenti padronali, disposti su due piani, presentano un Grande Salone Padronale (ca. 60 mq.) con importante camino in pietra e mattoni del XVII, un salotto antico in seta, la Biblioteca privata in noce, una cucina padronale, uno studiolo con bagno, 4 camere da letto matrimoniali ognuna con bagno indipendente ipertecnologico.
  • 7 double bedrooms.
  • 1 single bedroom.
  • 1 apartament.


Kitchen: 3 fully equipped kitchens

  • Antica cucina del Castello (al piano terreno);
  • Cucina Padronale (al primo piano degli Appartamenti Padronali, adiacente il Grande Salone Padronale);
  • Kitchen of the small apartment of the lady-in-waiting.


Particularity:On the whole main floor of the castle, including the various corridors connecting, present ceiling and wall decorations with floral geometric nature, courtly scenes, scenes militaristic scope feudal and Renaissance, historical scenes, portraits and scrolls with mottoes in Latin and Italian, always different for each environment and historically inherent to it.


Legend: Legend has it that, the Castle holds his ghost. It is a beautiful blond-haired lady, of noble appearance, which, at certain times of the year appears to surprise with a scent enveloping veiled in white. The marble bust of this lady, who was actually one of the owners of the nineteenth-century castle, is preserved in the ancient gallery on the ground floor.


Medieval underground tunnels: many of them are unexplored since time immemorial. It is said, are long km until reaching the ancient Medieval Cistern (4 m wide and 8 high brick "exposed" and yet the water coming from a secular undercurrent still active).


Terreno: The park of 8,500square meters embellished with allegorical statues in stone, large craters in bronze and cast iron, several lounges and garden benches and cast iron, consists mainly of coppice with oak trees some of which are centuries old.


Swimming pool: positioned at the foot of the castle walls. The pool has a rectangular with rounded edges and the short sides crescentic, has a length of 12.5 meters, a width of 6 meters and a maximum depth of mt. 1.60 and is equipped with games of water and a section with counter. Is positioned adjacent to a large hot tub spa for 6 people like "jacuzzi" with chromo therapy and aromatherapy.




Water: connection to the municipal water supply.


Electricity: connected.


Gas: connected.


Phone: telephon line with ADSL.




Sea: Adriatic Sea (130 km); Tyrrhenian Sea (150 km).


Lake: Lake Trasimeno (35 km); Lake of Bolsena (74 km).


Thermae: Chianciano Terme (70 km); Terme di Saturnia (132 km).


Airport: International Airport of Umbria "St. Francis of Assisi" (20 km).


Major cities: Rome (155 km); Florence (169 km); Bologna (255 km); Naples (352 km); Genoa (392 km); Venice (400 km); Milan (467 km); Turin (562 km).


Geographical position


Country: Italia


Region: Umbria


Province: Perugia


City: Deruta


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